About me

I’ve been teaching since I was 10 years old when the Principle at the local Ballet school invited me help with the baby ballet classes. By the time I was 15 I was teaching grades and preparing students for dance examinations. I loved to teach and I loved to Dance. I went on to work as a professional dancer, working overseas and on cruise ships until I was in my mid twenties.

Age 25 I was craving roots and stability and made the difficult decision to put dance aside and pursue my interest in Art and Design. Traveling the world had captured my imagination and my heart, I loved interiors from the glamour of luxury Art Deco liners, to the treehouses of the indigenous tribes of Amazon rainforests, to the ritual of Japanese tea houses. I was fascinated by man’s relationship with home and use of space.

I returned to university in London studying Interior Design Technology and I graduated with a first class honours. I met my now husband David whilst at Uni and we lived in the city enjoying everything London has to offer.

I worked for several years as an Interior and furniture designer for the super rich, designing Penthouses, Yachts and luxury apartments it was exciting and creatively challenging in equal measure.

I would guest lecture at KLC School of design in Chelsea and teach part-time on there first of its kind online Interior Design diploma.

After several years in industry, looking to restore my burnt out body and spirit I also trained to teach yoga whilst on Maternity leave after having my first child Bella.

In 2016 we relocated to the Staffordshire countryside and I quickly but accidentally built a popular yoga studio. I never really set our to do so, I trained to teach yoga for self-development but with baby two on the way teaching yoga offered flexibility and enjoyment and organically it grew from there.

Shortly after our relocation my son Lucas was born and 3 years later Emilia came along also.

I had co-founded a yoga for schools business called Calm Space Yoga at this time (now run solely by my then partner) And I ran Stafford Art club for kids and many children’s Art & yoga after school clubs.

Whilst on Maternity with baby 3, I published a yoga lifestyle book Happier Healthier which I’m super proud of and is full of tips for beginners to learn about Yoga and Nutrition. Whilst I no longer teach yoga full time my local village class and my lovely book feel like a wonderful contribution to Staffordshire life.

By 2019 I had 3 children under 8 and 2 business’s. I hadn’t painted in years and my Design Career was on hold. So in a leap of faith I sold Sky Blue Yoga studio to one of my teachers and started to paint and reconnect with Art & Interior Design professionally.

I wanted to be based at home with the children. I also wanted more downtime, and more creative time. It was pretty lucky timing considering the Pandemic was just round the corner.

We converted an old barn beside the house which is now my studio and home office space. We have a beautiful idyllic country home which has given me vast creative scope for up-cycling and furniture design projects as well as many friends always looking for support with a finishes palette, room schemes or space planning.

Teaching is most certainly my ‘Dharma’ (as we call it in yoga) and I’m a passionate and dedicated teacher wether I be teaching, Interior Design, Art & Drawing skills or Yoga.

We keep chickens, nurture a veg patch, I love gardening and I love sitting outdoors in the fresh air for meditation or yoga regardless of the weather.

My aspirations in the future are to renovate a French chateau for family holidays and maybe run annual art & yoga retreats there.

I still study ballet & tap at the very school where I learned as a child. As enormously as I love travel and sunshine, I’m never happier than when I’m home covered in paint surrounded by half finished paintings and wild children, the smell of something delicious slow cooking downstairs. 

It’s my life’s work to live fully and to inspire, empower and create along the way. My path sounds like a perfect one but between the lines we’re and still are moments, of struggle, hardship and even despair learning daily how to better manage my neuro-divergent mind and my highly sensitive nature. The well-being studies that weave through my working life do so out of a lust for learning but also a necessity to at times tame my wild mind, manage anxiety and find calm in chaos.

My secret is to keep coming back to the now, noticing the small things, gratitude and looking for the magic. In the mud is where the lotus flower grows.

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