Transformational and therapeutic classes, courses and workshops. My community is vibrant, inclusive and friendly and everyone remarks on the buzzy atmosphere and warm welcome both in studio, workshops and in coaching groups.




Updated February 2020

»Monday Mindful Yoga 10-11am @Studiospace, Stafford

»Tuesday Hot Power Yoga 7.10pm-8.10pm @Sky Blue Yoga Studio, Stafford«

»Thursday Gentle Yoga 6.15pm-7.15pm @Church Eaton Institute, Church Eaton«

»Thursday Dynamic Yoga 7.30-8.30pm @Church Eaton Institute, Church Eaton «

»Friday Gentle Yoga 10-11am @Church Eaton Institute, Church Eaton«

»Saturday Hot Power Yoga 9.30-10.30am @ Sky Blue Yoga Studio, Stafford«

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Yoga for Mental Health FREE 8 week course.

Run in association with Stafford Health & Wellbeing (SHAW) we can offer patients of SHAW, Wolverhampton road, Holmcroft and Castlefields Surgeries in Stafford a free 8 week course for supporting mental health.

Click here to message me about dates of upcoming courses. (Not a member of an involved practice register your interest with the practice as we aim to involve more local practices to the initiative).


Deep Rest & Recovery – 4 Week Course, starts Thursday 19th March

This course combines Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness, relaxation techniques, breathwork, energy work and coaching to take you from depleted to replenished. Each session is 1 hour with tasking work between sessions. Run in intimate groups of 8-10 people this course has been developed from my years of wellbeing experience to support those with exhaustion, burn out, inflammatory and auto immune disorders, long term illness, pain management, mental health and other sleep problems. If your unsure if this course can help you or to book get in touch here? Or buy now here

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Breath Skills for life – a 2.5 hour experiential workshop for everyone from absolute beginners in breathwork and yoga to those wanting to know more about breath, our physiology, the nervous system and health.

This workshop is taught in chairs and some standing exercises so not a yoga class set up. It includes take home materials, refreshments and all equipment.

Next Workshop is Saturday 21st March 2-4.30pm

Message me here to enquire or here to book straight on.

The breath is the anchor or foundation in the physical body. In Sanskrit it literally translates as ‘life Force’. Breathing influences both body and mind. The nervous  system is intrinsically linked with our breath, when we learn how to breathe consciously we have a tool to manage our physiology and therefore mood and anxiety state. Breath technique is a foundation of good health and I use it daily.

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121's, Couples & Family sessions


My approach includes breath work, yoga asana & somatic movement, mindfulness, meditation, energy healing and coaching techniques integrated to fit your health goals. I have a wealth of experience in this work. Suitable for absolute beginners to those with extensive experience. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc and held in central Stafford, Newport or surrounds. I am particularly good at working with recovery, stress, overwhelm and mental health. One session is £45 or £250 for six if booked together.


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