121 Yoga

I offer powerful 121 Yoga sessions online & in person tailored to your exact needs. 

I work with client goals that include cardiovascular and fitness, flexibility, lower back, general well-being, optimum health, pregnancy, Yoga for Mental Health, Yoga for OCD, Yoga for ADHD, Yoga for Menopause and Alignment Coaching. 

Classes will usually incorporate Vinyasa flow, Forrest and Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic movement, Somatic Movement Therapy, Myo-facial release technique (where appropriate) combined with breathing techniques, Mindfulness and relaxation. 

We will discuss your needs and aspirations before the first session and make a plan accordingly. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You may choose sessions ahead of a special event or to address a specific problem, you may choose sessions for optimizing and enhancing ongoing health. 

Yoga promotes production of GABA neurologically and can support better  mental and emotional resilience by optimising and empowering the central nervous system. Well taught yoga can increase strength, flexibility, interception, proprioception, support healthy aging and resilience to stress. 

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Sessions can be adapted to a chair for those interested but unable to work on a mat. 

Yoga 121 is a superb and often overlooked intervention for teenagers too especially those struggling with anxiety, or esteem and confidence issues.

121’s can be adapted to family groups.

Session locations can vary I have access to rooms in local gyms and studios, have a home studio or can visit your home where required.

Price ranges from £30-£50 an hour by means, requirements and location, please contact me for me details and to book.

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