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By Claire Arnott | 23rd Sep 2020

Hi all,

I wanted to write a little more at length than an advert or Facebook post allows so I thought I’d create a short newsletter.

First thing to mention is in person classes have resumed – yay!! Yoga is reasonably forgiving of social distancing as yoga mats zone each individual space beautifully with the addition of the odd new rule like only one person in the loos at a time the classes had all the fun and warmth of before lockdown and feedback has been great. 

As a reminder in person classes are currently Thursday 6.15-7.15pm.

My class style and content

My gentle yoga classes have evolved into my own integrative style which combines aspects of Somatic Movement technique, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Restorative yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation practice. They are accessible classes suitable for anyone who can transition from lying on a mat to standing; as is always the concern you do not need to be flexible or even particularly well co ordinated just open to learning and exploring new and beneficial ways of moving the body. 

The benefits of this combination of techniques is vast; all the strengthening and lengthening synonymous with yoga, developing deeper self awareness and interception (relating to the physical from our inner knowing, self wisdom), relaxation techniques, how to bring yourself fully into the present moment and to choose to do that especially when you may need it for stress resilience or emotional support. How to enjoy gentle movement with less need to push or strive. How to revive flagging energy levels or recognise when we need to slow down. How to manage our emotions allowing ourselves to feel but without the worry or overwhelm often attached to feeling. The list could go on. But in short you will learn from a regular weekly practice many breath body and mind techniques for life and health. 

I hope to resume dynamic Vinyasa flow classes too in January. This is dependent on reconditioning my lungs and being in full health post- Covid.

The online class is Wednesday Evening 7.30-8.30pm £6 and includes a class recording sent after class that is yours to keep.

Online live class view

Bliss Yoga and Sound Immersion Sunday September 27th 4-6pm

Sarah Rowland and I are excited to be running this event at Church Eaton Institute.  

In early 2019 Sarah and I did a London based Training in Vibro-Acoustic Sound Therapy, Sarah then studied an advanced program in Tuscany Italy. Sarah is owner founder of Calm Space Yoga & Wellbeing and together we have run several events combining the beautiful Himalayan singing bowls with Somatic & Bliss restorative yoga. 

Bliss restorative yoga evolved from Hatha Yoga and was developed by Janet Lasiter in the 1970’s into a worldwide healing modality that creates ease and recovery in the nervous system through nurturing and supporting the body in yoga inspired positions that create physical support and mental recovery. The postures are held from 5-12minutes usually and occasionally up to 20minutes. They are accessible to most as long as you can get down onto the mat and back up but certainly if you had any concerns about suitability Sarah and I would be able to help work out if it’s right for you. Restorative yoga helps enhance relaxation away from the mat too and to understand how interconnected mind and body are and how relaxation can

Somatic movement techniques are now more commonly being introduced into yoga practice. Somatic movements can be “specific and subscribed or more free form – to follow all of the various patterns that we evolve with from babies learning to move and strengthen. More fluid movements invite us to feel the experience without attachment to the form, this can help us unravel patterns imprinted in adulthood born more of tension or habit and can become robotic or stuck” *

*Quote by Charlotte Watts, Yoga for Digestive Health

Somatic practice has a powerful de-stress effect in the body and alongside yoga asana and meditation is an effective approach to resilience, recovery and rehabilitation of mind and body.

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Therapeutic Yoga

I am also offering 121 Therapeutic Yoga in my spacious home Yoga studio.

These sessions approach whole body health using Sound, Somatics & Yoga and are suitable but not exclusively for anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion, burn out, sleep problems  and other stress related issues.

It’s is a requirement to book a minimum of 6 however they don’t need to be paid all at once. Sessions are usually fortnightly. I have worked in a 121 setting for several years with all ages children, teens, special needs and the elderly though I now commonly work with health in women between age 30 and 60. The first session is part practice part consultation and we will devise sessions based on your interests and health needs.

“121 yoga is the best money I’ve ever spent”,  “The 121 sessions I had with you literally changed my life” and “I never realised how much Yoga could change my mind and body for the better” are just some of the feedback comments from clients.

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Teacher Training

My London Teacher Dylan Ayaloo is opening the door to his next yoga Teacher Training program. A blended course part online and part in person it has Transformation at the heart of the work and journey – not only will you graduate a qualified (and exceptional) yoga teacher but ready to live the life you dream of .

Click here to learn more and for any one on the fence truly you should go for it.

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