Blog - Pre Power Yoga: Breakfasts and Snacks

By Claire Arnott | 28th May 2018

First Posted on January 15, 2016

I was asked about this today, it’s a good question. It’s great to fuel a workout and in fact sometimes just running around with my kids I could do with a power breakfast or snack, protein packed with some complex carbohydrate and natural sugars.
So I dug into the archives. I have a heap of recipe records and pictures that aren’t the prettiest (never intended to be food photos) but do the job nicely here, delivering some ideas and inspiration and mostly saying, get creative, think outside the box and find the foods that sit well in your tum when you start to twist and fold. I’ve experimented and know what works for me and what doesn’t.

There are plenty of factors to influence our choices, now I have kids I’m up early enough to have a substantial breakfast 1-2 hours before class. But I remember a stint of 6.30am classes I taught and with just 30ish minutes before class I needed something lighter. I also needed grab and go options.

Extra Light options that work for me,

1.Thin slice rice cake, with a slick of Dijon mustard and some sliced chicken.

2.A corn cake with goats cheese and a round of tomato and a squeeze of lemon. Lemon does magic things to tomatoes.

3.Homemade trail mix, toasted seeds with shaved coconut, a pinch of salt, unsweetened cranberries or sour cherries. Usually I have this or similar prepped up in a kilner jar. Washed down with a chai tea it’s great ?

4. A chia pot, puréed fruit, plain or coconut yogurt and chia seeds mixed and set over night to a parfait. My way is with mango as a treat, with raspberries & apple as a regular Breakfast.

5.Homemade Nutella on an oatcake, flippin delicious.

The Grab and go kind

1.Handfuls of Goji berries, dried broad beans, dehydrated apple rings, pecans or any other dried fruits (with no added sugar), pop in a jar.

2.Corn cakes (tastier than rice) nuts, seeds and a banana

3.1/2 avocado scooped out with a tsp, handful of almonds

4.Smoothie blended from a freezer prepped pack, simply add coconut water and protein powder whizz and put in a jar to take out.

5.Scrambled eggs (cheekily eaten right out the pan : )

6.Pre prepped lentils like Jamie’s below or puy lentils (the pre prepped merchant gourmet kind) with a little balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of cress or afalfa. Not everyone’s thing for breakfast but I love em anytime.

7.Smoked salmon rolled cigar style into a large iceberg leaf. Yum and fast.

Incase you have no clue what a salmon cigar is ? ?

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