Blog - Practicing self-love in asana?!

By Claire | 14th May 2018

What would your life be like if every decision, choice, action you make from now came from a place of self love? Close your eyes and imagine how it might feel? Somebody spoke these words to me this morning (or similar enough). The words struck me in the heart like a dart. Aside the poetic nature of that statement I say ‘dart’ because the notion, moved through my body from my core like sweet poison. A reassuring warmth surging into my arms legs and hands and feet until my head was in agreement and was moving my body in a new and refreshing way. As I moved through Sun salutations there was now a lightness of being. As I strode into warrior there was an airy grace I can only compare to what yoga on ice might feel like! As I hunched in bind it felt spacious even foetal. All these postures I held with the same strength, tenacity and interest as I would usually practice but my perspective had shifted and so had my body in response.

I can’t deny that space was being held for me to experience these kind of shifts. 4 days into some serious bodywork on a course with likeminded piers and passionate mentors. It caught me wanting – yes. Prepared – not really. Ready – when are we ever? Because real self love means to let the doubting fall away……And I’m a professional doubter. Damn I’m even clinically diagnosed with something nicknamed the doubters disease !!!

“But there I was on the mat moving without doubt, without drama, without despair. Basically I was moving without ego, without demand or expectation”.

Moving only to where it felt good, moving to the places that felt frickin amazing. Going enough but not to far. Finding my ‘edge’ but a new ‘edge’ with less suffering yet incidentally more depth and opportunity. For non-yogis I can only compare this to the place you find when you scratch an awkward itch and the relief is sensational or that feeling when someone firmly massages out your shoulders and you feel like you could kiss them for it.

“Practicing yoga only from self love is like the most nourishing deep breath you can imagine and it has tempted me to take up the challenge to live only from self love”

Can I breathe from self love, move from self love, Iive from self love, yes I believe I can and I can consciously choose too again and again. As a teacher I’m so aware that we model the behaviour of those we relate or connect to so if I can inspire even one person to practice (and live from a place of self-love my work is done…..Can you imagine what a different place the world would be if we all did!


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