Yoga Classes

Updated February 2020

Tuesday Hot Power Yoga 7.10pm @Sky Blue Yoga Studio, Stafford

Thursday Gentle Yoga 6.15pm-7.15pm @Church Eaton village Institute, Church Eaton

Thursday Dynamic Yoga 7.30-8.30pm @Church Eaton village Institute, Church Eaton

Saturday Hot Power Yoga 9.30-10.30am @ Sky Blue Yoga Studio, Stafford

What style(s) of yoga do i practice and teach?


Evolved Vinyasa yoga is an adaptive modern yoga practice with traditional roots. My studio – Sky Blue Yoga offers vinyasa yoga across 2 main types of practice Hot Dynamic Vinyasa & Gentle Vinyasa Flow. We also offer specialist classes in Pranayama, Yin yoga & Yoga Nidra .

Over the last five years I have trained under Dylan Ayaloo at the Dylan Ayaloo  Teacher Training Academy in London. Dylan has refined his influence from the renowned Baron Baptiste and Ana Forrest and evolved it into a transformational and exciting practice that beginners love and more experienced practitioners travel miles to learn. He is a master teacher and facilitator and one that I hope to work with more in years to come.  I have also trained with Jambo Truong in Forrest Yoga & Bodywork and Uma Dinsmore Tuli in pre-natal yoga as well as many other mentors teachers over the last 10 years.


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What are the benefits of yoga for the physical bosy and to help mood, stress, anxiety and sleep problems?

The Sky Blue Yoga  vinyasa flow classes can support fat burning, assist weight loss (using breath and detoxification process), improve digestion, condition core muscles, strengthen muscles, and improve overall flexibility. Yoga can speed up injury recovery when practiced safely.  Stretches work on the fascial layer /connective tissue to increase overall flexibility, improve joint mobility and support vulnerable muscles through recovery, yoga can also help improve posture.

Power yoga practiced regularly can elevate heart rate and improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, improve mood and reduce feelings of anxiety. Restorative yoga and Yin can help stretch tight muscles and tendons reduce susceptibility to injury in sports (and life) and support mental health.

Yoga asana integrates mindful attention, we call this principle ‘feel into the body’. A technique of connecting to the body and its sensations in the present moment building a calmer mind, self-esteem and a deeper intuition about the bodies needs and health. A similar principle to aspects of MBSR.  

Deeper postures allow exploration of emotions and feelings that may otherwise be ignored or dismissed. As with some traditional yoga, the practice is not about perfection in the pose but fitting the pose to each unique body. The poses form a tool to help the mind focus on the now.

The practice can separate the observing self from the problem solving, over thinking and fear influenced processing mind. In poses we recognise how we influence our thinking patterns which helps us let go of rigid beliefs and shift the meanings that keep us stuck in repetitive unhealthy behaviour patterns. 

Mindfulness and meditation create mental space and clarity, calming racing thoughts and eventually with regular practice allowing rumination and worry to take a back seat to more positive thinking habits.

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Why is the breath so important in Yoga?

The breath is the anchor or foundation in the physical body.  In Sanskrit it literally translates as ‘life Force’. The body’s nervous system is intrinsically linked with our
breath when we learn how to control our breathing it influences body and mind. The single most beneficial tool I have learnt for mood and anxiety is breath and I use it daily.

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Will I learn different breathing techniques with yoga?

The practice teaches several breathing techniques. Breath formula is taught as the foundation of the pose and breath is used throughout every class as the poses are executed.

The combination of breath, mindful attention and movement is an exhilarating rollercoaster of challenge in the hot and power classes and a quieter deeper experience of stretch and exploration in the gentle flow.

If the client finds the right class for their physical fitness, health goals and emotional needs the potential is vast.

Most of my clients maintain they always look forward to classes, find they are never a chore to come to and many of my clients progress to more than one class a week based on enjoyment of the class, immediate and longer term benefits.

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Can Yoga support my Pregnancy & Birth?

Yes absolutely. See my Free Yoga in Pregnancy factsheet or check out my 20 minute guided Pregnancy Yoga Video.

Gentle and restorative yoga as well as pregnancy specific yoga classes can hugely support your pregnancy and birth, always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regime or starting a new class in pregnancy.

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Is Yoga for everyone and anyone?

My studio and online community is vibrant,
inclusive and friendly and everyone remarks on the buzzy atmosphere and warm welcome both in studio, workshops and in coaching groups.

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Can you encourage your children to learn yoga and holistic lifestyle practices?

Almost all regions now have local Kids yoga and/or mindfulness classes and many schools offer breakfast/Lunch or after school clubs. Sky’s sister business
Calm Space Company is working hard to expand knowledge of child yoga and mindfulness as well as working with teenagers, special needs and young adults in the community.

We have a range of tools and infographics you can access via the Calm Space website and more child yoga materials coming soon!

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What if you’ve tried Yoga and didn’t like it?

Yoga is not going to be everyone’s ‘big’ thing although I do believe there are so many styles and teachers that if at first you’re not sure it’s worth shopping around.

It’s also useful to remember that yoga can be a therapeutic practice that can powerfully support/compliment others exercises, some of my clients include field & track Athletes, swimmers, cyclists,
road runners, boxers and martial arts competitors to name just a few.

If your already proficient in a regular Yoga practice there are also many areas to explore and diversify – Philosophy, Mantra Yoga, Yoga Bodywork, Thai Yoga Massage, Acro Yoga, Yoga & Barre, Yoga Barre Stretch,
Naked Yoga, Blindfolded Yoga and apparently even Beer Yoga but I’m not recommending the latter of course.

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